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Mami Asada


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Porno TUBE Videos Sorry for keeping you wait ! A wonderful young slut with dynamite tits was captured this time. MAMI ASADA, the lovely girl whom the school uniform suits well.
MAMI brought the rotor toy though it was now natural that the student brought the school the game machine and the magazine. The teacher rages if the toy
cannot be overlooked indeed. MAMI is taken on the knee and punishment of the spank in hips is made to her. Not only the tits but also the hip is good and cute
shape. Is the pretty student reborn as an independent woman or does she crash to the bottom in the hell? It is development that cannot take its eyes off. MAMI is
punished for the matter of the rotor toy by the teacher, and she is sulky and goes directly to boyfriend's house. MAMI make fellatio immediately to the boyfriend
who has lied down on a bed nakedly. The act of hanging saliva down enough in the cock is lascivious though hand job service is made several times during fellatio.
In addition, cock is scrub by the dynamite tits. To uses the tits of preeminent elasticity seems to be comfortable. And he ejaculates by hand job service at the end. The
palm of MAMI is slippery by the semen. The scene changes and is a school again. The teacher is angry again for MAMI to bringing three toys in this time. MAMI is
rolled up school uniform and rubbed dynamite tits as punishment. In addition, the skirt is rolled up at the backing style and it is stimulated between crotches with
the toy. The love juice gushes immediately from the pussy. It is very lewd that love juice hangs down along a thigh below. She is not possible to stand in violent stimulation
and MAMI cannot endure and sits down. In continues, MAMI is made open leg posture and pussy is stimulated with the vibs toy. MAMI is got acme compulsorily
and cloudiness joy juice overflows from the vagina. A cruel punishment of the teacher continues to MAMI who is made change of clothes to the sweat suit that
emphasizes her dynamite tits. The teacher shouts as "Spirit is crooked, spirit stick inject in !" The spirit stick is wooden vibs toy of one-meter in length of TOKYO
HOT's original. The spirit stick rushes into the pussy at the backing style. The pussy is violently stirred and more a large amount of cloudiness liquid gushes. The
scene that a tongue of MAMI lick up the tip of a cock carefully at king standing fellatio is took scrupulously and must see ! The cock that has erected by the sticky
fellatio inserts in the pussy at the standing posture. And it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture on the desk after woman top posture. The semen that flows
backward is injected again by teacher's finger in the vagina. Punishment is not over in this and four other teachers are called and punishment is escalating more.
A large amount of lotion is painted on the whole body of MAMI who was change of clothes to the school swimming suit and gangbang starts. She is violently poked
by a lot of posture as missionary, back and woman on top and cloudiness joy juice gushes from pussy. The joy juice mixes with the lotion and makes a lascivious
sound. The first vaginal cum shot has made at banding posture. Semen began to blot comparatively after the cock had been pulled out. The second brute immediately
inserts at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made again. Semen flows backward mightily in this time. The third brute also made vaginal cum shot at the
missionary posture. Semen blows the bubble and it gushes. When Cuzco is immediately put in the pussy, plenty of semen with high viscosity stays in the vagina interior.
Last is a cum shower party of familiar. OB of teachers' universities was gathered. When many men surround the circumference, MAMI shows the expression that seems
to be uneasy seriously. Semen of total 13 is splashed between crotches where is widely opened. Semen is raked up with the vibs toy and injects in the vagina, then vibs
toy is switched on. And, it ends by the scene where MAMI is made to acme compulsorily by the violent vibration of toy. Punishment of teachers coming must be hard
because of the ruin of the education is called out. Though the student whom punishment succeeds and is splendidly reborn as the woman visits, then make her to be
a laughingstock and encourage her by injecting semen and let her back to home.. The video was released in japan on 2006/11/26. Play duration is 01:13:28 on


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