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May 9th, 2017




Mayu Fujishiro


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Porno TUBE Videos MAYU FUJISHIRO who is a fair with dynamite tits is a high-level cabin attendance of a first-class exclusively. She is also serious at work. MAYU corresponds to any trifling complaint promptly and politely. Of course she does not think any lewd thing including sex. But she sinks starting with the complaint from the guest though a high-level and neat atmosphere was drifted. The pussy is drenched though she was fucked inside the plane. Lewd MAYU put on airs and pretended pure and innocent. It is not good to continue working telling oneself a lie. The future as a vulgar meat urinal that exposes the womb and becomes men's playthings is given to MAYU. Unfortunately there is only a barley-tea though coffee is asked to MAYU by the passenger while flying. The passenger rages things that he cannot drink even coffee though it is first-class. MAYU is said to provide service that seems to be first-class and cannot opposes though she is touched the body. She is immediately thrown down to the seat and stocking is broken by the open leg pose. It is absolute what the passenger says in the first-class. MAYU is driven in the state as what passenger does. In the next the panty can be lowered by crawl on all fours and the glabrous pussy is exposed. The pubic hair that grows only a little in the vicinity of the mons pubis is obscene. It must be processed for a play with the boyfriend expressly. MAYU is abused abnormal and cock is thrown in the mouth. Moreover MAYU is threatened by the material@that the animation taken a picture of at the same time by the cellular phone and she will be called at the hotel where the passenger stays. After it lands the woman faces the hotel for which the passenger waits. MAYU is made to take off a uniform immediately and is made open leg pose. Finger fuck is made and MAYU pants loudly and made female ejaculation. Pussy is already soaked much. It began to show lewd woman's nature. Immediately after cock is put in the mouth and she is made fellatio. She is made to glans politely too. Then cock inserted at missionary posture. The labia meat adsorbs the cock when she is poked at side backward woman on top and woman on top posture. It is a splendid pussy. It is basic that enjoy the splendid pussy by everyone. Passenger's friends are called and participate insulting. MAYU is fucked at missionary posture one after another and continues vaginal cum shot is made. The first passenger inserts the cock again immediately after the semen of three totals was poured and made vaginal cum shot. Pussy is already made muddy by semen. And MAYU is made to promise to become a meat slave by the evidence by an animation. After the fact though MAYU who worries about pregnancy visits obstetrics and gynecology but it is villainy hospital that the director is an abnormal. She is immediately put to sleep to the examination table and the curtain is hung down on in the abdomen. The director inserts the cock by the good thing that MAYU cannot see own lower half of the body. The doctor explains that Cuzco will insert and gives medication in the vagina after intensely stirs. However it is not the medicine but semen of assistants who were looking at appearance of examination that was poured. The semen of two totals is poured and the spilling amount is pushed in the vagina. After the fact it is said that there is no worry about the pregnancy and MAYU feels temporarily relieved. And MAYU goes out of the hospital in the state in the semen covering in the vagina. However the tragedy was not only this. MAYU is called by the boyfriend the next day. The boyfriend rages by the thing that MAYU is made vaginal cum shot inside the plane. MAYU who is bound both hands with the rope and hung from ceiling is fingered the body by the men who was prepared by the boyfriend. It is careful licking service & finger fuck after deep kiss. The vibs toy is also put in and she felt it much. Immediately after cock inserted at standing back posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes when she is poked at M-leg backward woman on top & woman on top posture. Then cock inserted at missionary posture and three vaginal cum shot were made continuously. Labia meat is transformed and the vaginal orifice is greatly open. Immediately after other men insert the cock that immediately before the ejaculation in the vagina one after another and injected semen. The pussy is made dirty by the semen of eight totals. In addition the appearance of the continuous vaginal cum shot is mirrored onto the mirror and it is shown to MAYU. The vaginal orifice is gone into convulsions and spit out semen is must see!! MAYU felt much during play. The boyfriend who has begun to associate with her because she was a neat and clean woman is thoroughly disillusioned to MAYU. She was left immediately and was fired from the airline. It fell at the bottom of society because there was no coffee. It is a suitable end for the woman in the lowest vicinity without the value of one cup of coffee either.. The video was released in japan on 2009/10/13. Play duration is 00:31:21 on


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