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May 9th, 2017




Mika Ijyuin


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Porno TUBE Videos The sacrifice in this time is MIKA IJYUUIN of flamenco dancer who just come back from Spain. The genuine dance is shown lightly by opening.
A lot of students are sure to gather in the classroom where to be fascinating and good instructor at the dance like MIKA. However, the advertisement is
insufficient and the student doesn't gather at all. It is a TOKYO HOT dance school to have proposed forming a business tie-up there. It is likely to finance
it if it forms a business tie-up. However, the TOKYO HOT won't finance it for free. Owner's at the Tokyo heat dance school true purpose is a sexy body of
MIKA trained by the dance. When the contact is made, it is the end. The fate that to suck to the core of her bone waits. MIKA to whom business tie-up was
proposed by the owner at the TOKYO HOT dance school inclines to feel after hearing that the student is accommodated. However, attitude of MIKA is indecisive.
It is way of TOKYO HOT in the woman who doesn't clearly to make it inculcate in the body. Then the owner suddenly attacks MIKA as expected. The vibs toy has
already been installed in pussy of MIKA. In addition, MIKA who put on the leotard stimulates the pussy with the vibs toy while having stood and got acme too soon.
The student who witnesses it threatens MIKA and compelled fellatio. A hard fellatio scene is developed and two people made cum shot on her tongue.
Next, it is development of pussy & anus at the crawl on all fours. Moreover, vibs toy insert into both holes after plenty of finger play. MIKA who has been
inserted vibs toy in two holes wiggle and ejaculates loudly. It is a toy attack continuously by the open leg pose. MIKA is inserted various things in two holes
and faints in agony. A fat thing is inserted by force and her anus is enhanced. And, it is first time to see in the TOKYO HOT that a test tube is inserted in the
anus and the observation in the rectum. There is the mysterious world. Of course, the womb mouth observation with the speculum has not been forgotten.
Continuously fucking starts at the standing posture as for reward on her continuing the classroom. Fucking has done with various postures as woman on top,
missionary and so on, and then it is vaginal cum shot. The sticky semen drips and drops from her pussy. It is not such a sweet world though MIKA who thought the
classroom to be continued by the vaginal cum shot. It is true worth of TOKYO HOT from here, let MIKA taste a lot of course as gangbang, continues vaginal cum
shot and so on. The owner cuts the leotard that MIKA wears in pieces with scissors and fucking is forced. Students change places one after another and the cocks are
inserted in all holes. Vagina and mouth are closed by the cock, another one enters with a cock at an anus. Sublime three hole skewer play gets excited. MIKA ejaculate
with distorting expression to three hole attack simultaneously. She twists whole body for such a hard play and ejaculate. When all her holes are bullied
with the cock, it is a scene that continues vaginal cum shot play as you are waiting impatiently. The insult play alternately inserted in the vagina and the
anus is destroyed her lower half of the body. Semen comes in several levels between her groins and the position of the pussy and the anus already cannot
be distinguished. Last is gathering of students who enter a classroom and cum shower party play. The special pour toilet installs crotch of MIKA.
This is a mechanism that the semen splashed to the toilet is poured in her pussy automatically. Semen of total 12 injects it into the vagina. The scene
where the smell semen drips to the pussy is must see. MIKA finally comes to start from the work of not the dance by the new owner under but the cleaning.
It is suitable work for MIKA who perfectly absorbed a large amount of semen. A woman must not do dances impudently. The work that all any women
perfectly absorb semen is given from the heaven. It is one of the works of TOKYO HOT to inculcate the woman one's role through a hard play.. The video was released in japan on 2006/09/10. Play duration is 01:13:09 on


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