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Miki Sakai


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Porno TUBE Videos The content that makes it specially present for holiday week(Golden week) is MIKI SAKAI of 19 years by doing of our staff made the negotiation in the town and got approval.
Many of our fun might have the wonderful experience with her who performed with her private clothes at the last time.
This time she put on the high school uniform and the act that she had been actually doing in the high school student age was
reproduced based on her testimony. It will be not accepted that such lovely girl trifled with the brute. Therefore, our staff punished MIKI on behalf of brute at the people. At the beginning,
it shows with the reproduction video what kind of prostitution MIKI in the second grade of high school was doing. Brute were played as a half killing by the exactly similar to "Sexy Touching pub".
MIKI was really young slut at that time. She was not allowing to insert the cock though all processes from the suck to rub service by her crotch as sham fuck was done, Oh my god !
What a fine state of affairs! When the light interview was done, the matter that will make anger of the brute come out one after another. In this case, we should make punishment to
her instead of brute in the world and then put off her school uniform and start to blame her tits. The tits that are good tension and shakes heavily that come from youth will bring so much exotica.
When the nipple is rubbed roundly, she pants in a lovely voice. Then his hand expands to her pussy and start finger fuck. The lewd sound that comes from her pussy will make much excitement.
Next, another reproduction scene is shown. MIKI who had grown up in the shopping street in the downtown in Tokyo was getting the pocket money from brute in the shopping street
for the suck and the hand rub service. MIKI who put on the school uniform suck and made hard hand rub service was cost 5,000 JP yen. It seems that it was very easy part time job for MIKI.
When the hourly wage is certainly calculated, it is a doctor and work at the lawyer level. It becomes impossible to do certainly usual work when experienced such an easy work. To be reborn of
MIKI who is always doing such a thing, it is made to sit on a sofa at the M-leg posture and the pussy training is started. After all, does our staff want also only to play with her pussy??
The real intention and stated reason is putting out, at the first, let you see deliberately looking in the vagina with the speculum. The place where the opening of uterus is greatly open is clearly
understood. Next, by using kaleidoscope, please confirm the condition of vagina wall when the cock is inserted in. It blame from the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously
to the anus hoe with the brush and Dildo. The vagina and anus hole are blamed with vibs toy, and made hard finger fuck at the end, the milky joy juice dripping out from the vagina.
When the toy blame ends, it is fucking time at the last. They are mutually uplifted by the 69play, the raw thick cock is suddenly inserted in not the pussy but anus hole. It is not a
wrong transaction but the place where the anus is attacked aiming is villainyWhen the condition of Anus is confirmed a little, then thick cock inserted in her pussy to make
MIKI to pant at the Bending, modified side back and side posture, and made MIKI to screaming at the doggie back, monkey back, face to face woman on top and backward woman top posture.
At the end, MIKI was poked violently at the missionary posture, and the brute who was half killed put the grudge and made facial cum shot to the MIKI.
After thick cock brute also made facial cum shot to MIKI then another brute insert his raw cock to MIKIHe made the vaginal cum shot at the end while seeing her face that becomes pasty by semen.
After all, the punishment means vaginal cum shot on the TOKYO-HOT style? It is cruel, because nothing is secured even if getting pregnant by this. The scene where
MIKI made confused is taking shower at the end is feeling that cannot mean indescribable. The case of prostitution involving high school girl and brute of MIKI SAKAI is settled by this !. The video was released in japan on 2005/05/03. Play duration is 00:59:16 on


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