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May 9th, 2017




Shiho Nakanishi


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Porno TUBE Videos TOKYO HOT have chiefly captured slut in the town up to now. It is not in the existence of a good slut only for the town though it was a way that forcibly kidnaps
a good slut who was the appearance in the town. It had been completely forgotten that there was delicious existence of full-time housewife. The brute who
pretend to be the salesman come calling on SHIHO NAKANISHI of young wife slut at home while husband went to the business. SHIHO welcome him with
smile without knowing what cruel thing is done. She is a foolish woman. She may be fucked immediately and make like ragged dust cloth. SHIHO finds the
toys and the rope that exists in the bag that the salesman has left. And, she begins to grope between the nipple and the groin violently instinctively in the kitchen
with a toy. SHIHO widely open the leg on the chair and got acme immediately by violent masturbation. A salesman comes back afterwards to take the bag which
was forgotten, but he found that SHIHO used toys and scolds her. SHIHO was successfully caught to wicked salesman's trap. SHIHO is bound both arms with the
rope and spanked hips violently. In addition, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and the clitoris is stimulated with rotor toy. She is made to crawl on all fours while
keeping vibs toy thrust into the pussy and shifts to the compulsion fellatio. The cock that inserted in the mouth by force made mouthful cum shot as it is. SHIHO is
made acme compulsorily while hanging semen down from the mouth. The pussy is violently stimulated to SHIHO who is bound hand by back with the toy further
in the shape of an open leg by the sofa. More joy juice drips and drops from the pussy that is the state of the deluge. SHIHO got acme many times with fainting in
agony & ejaculate by the stimulation of the electric massage machine. When the cock is inserted after the stimulation of the electric massage machine, the cloudiness
liquid is immediately gushed from the pussy. In addition, cock is violent inserted at the back posture and she fainting in agony to wiggle whole body. The stiffening
stick strongly stimulates the interior of the vagina and made vaginal cum shot at the back posture. The semen that just made vaginal cum shot to pussy of SHIHO
who ejaculates more than a little while ago blows the bubble and it spouts and drips. SHIHO who was made vaginal cum shot by the unfamiliar brute as there is
husband shows an expression that seems to be sad to be perplexed. However, three wicked traders immediately attack SHIHO and gangbang begins. The cock
that was erected by the compulsion fellatio insert at the missionary posture. The labia of the pussy is congested and dyeing red enlarged to violent 4p play from
which three cocks are alternately inserted in the pussy. It seems to be pleasant that labia that is enlarged and became sensitive twines around the cock. While the
posture is changed as back, woman on top and backward woman on top and the cock has been inserted, another cock is thrown in the mouth and compulsion fellatio
is made. SHIHO who pants while being violently poked at the missionary posture gets the compulsion vaginal cum shot though entreats to say "Don't make cum shot
in inside". SHIHO immediately closes the pussy with another cock though she knows the vaginal cum shot was made and seriously dislike it. Though SHIHO is
attacked by a violent piston, men surround the circumference and appreciate it before one is aware. Semen is poured one after another to the face of SHIHO while
fucking. SHIHO who has concentrated the nerve only on resistance to the vaginal cum shot is astonished at the storm of facial cum shot of 11 that happens suddenly.
Continuous two worth of semen is injected into the pussy as incomprehensible. The mass of semen appears in the vagina peeped at in Cuzco at the end. It ends by close
up scene of SHIHO who entreats as to say "Don't tell to my husband" by the face made dirty with semen. SHIHO who was grasped the weakness will be according to
the men's demands. Insulting that aimed at time of the daytime to the young wife was an unexpected harvest. Because the young wife's resistance to vaginal cum
shot is so violent, it is very enjoyable to make fucking. TOKYO HOT taught again that it was a duty of young wife that was injected semen in a vagina jar.. The video was released in japan on 2006/12/12. Play duration is 01:14:12 on


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