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uploaded May 9th, 2017



May 9th, 2017




Yukino Sakurazawa


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Porno TUBE Videos Wondering to fuck with slut student who is made out to the nurse have you held such an illusion in your mind ??
In order to fulfill the such illusion we made her to be transformed into nurse who put on the super mini-skirt and
worn pin-heel by own judgment of our staff. This was exactly fitted in and she became an erotic nurse.
It will give sufficient contents as Hand job Double fellatio raw fuck vaginal cum shot piss shot and close up of inside of pussy
please enjoy this in anyway you want. First of all please have a look to lick erotic miniskirt nurse from a tiptoe to the head.
If you have doubt that nurse in white put on the black panty then you are still young a lascivious nurse likes showy panty
and they put on it( it is the clear information from nurse who working for the some National Universities hospital).
After image shot She expose her tits and put off the panty to show her pussy on the bed and masturbation time was
started. Rubbing clitoris by the middle finger Yukino getting ecstasy little by little and her love juice will overflow from her
vagina in drops. Although Yukino got acme once by masturbation in fact the director of hospital was looking at it. When the
director takes it to a foul trick and asks for her body she obeyed as he asked. He begins to touch her pussy which is straddling
M characters on the delivery stand. Yukino who has fully got wet reacts on the director's finger sensitively and begins to pant.
A lewd sound sounds from a vagina by the language insult and finger fuck and clitoris are erected. If two fingers are inserted in
a vagina and agitated violently while stimulating clitoris Yukino made loud pant voice and got acme fully. If the inside of her vagina
is observed using a periscope after that white joy juice is fully attached to the vagina pleat. The excited director takes out vibes toy
and inserts in pussy. Though she says "It is useless" DNA of lewd should not allow. Vagina meat holds vibes firmly and does not
detach it. After a pussy is insulted a service is carefully rendered for the director's cock. She starts to lick his cock as crawl
on a tongue from a scrotum to anus hole and pitiably sucks his cock with lewd sound. After that she made a fellatio and hand
rub service for a patient's cock. Next a piss shot scene like wetting the bed which sits on the end of the bathtub and drips in a thigh.
Urine of true yellow will remain in an impression. A scene also reaches the most interesting part first of all she made a double
fellatio to suck cock of the director and office manager. If two cocks are fully sucked it will shift to 69 play with the director.
When her pussy get the dripping wet then raw fuck would be started at the missionary posture. The love juice has flowed
and fallen on the anus hole from the pussy which the scene of the cock pull in/out by the close-up at the Bending posture.
It is very lewd that the love juice get twisted around labium major at the Doggie and Scissors posture and Doggie Back posture.
At the Woman on Top posture the place where her joy juice has left marks clearly to the cock is the reason of lascivious of Yukino.
Although fucking is continues at Backward Woman on Top and Missionary posture a motion of the director's waist becomes intense
however since he does not get the end at all he handed over to an office manager. He thrust his thick cock into her pussy and made
a facial cum shot after he made violent motion as demon. The director who was looking at the scene has been excited and inserts his
raw cock again. He poking violently as like as manager made and made a vaginal cum shot when he cannot patient anymore. Have
a look the scene that semen is dripping from her gaped open pussy. Also please fully enjoy the wonderful scene which semen falls to
the toilet bowl slowly if Yukino puts power into an abdomen at the squatting position. This is the real vaginal cum shot without lie falsehood!!. The video was released in japan on 2004/12/05. Play duration is 01:04:24 on


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